Quality over Quantity

Last time I have talked about the idea of being a better example for everyone around you, to be a motivational to anyone works with you, today I will talk about the idea of Quality over Quantity especially if you are building a product.

In general Business has two main sectors :

  1. Services.
  2. Products.

So when you provide a service, most of the time its a one time thing examples :

  1. Booking a hotel room.
  2. Renting a car.
  3. Hosting a website.
  4. Renting servers.

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Be a better example

I know that the title is some how ambiguous, but to be honest most of what I will say in this small post can be applied on : life, work or even home.

Every day we see a new project, a new company, a new startup or a new something comes to life, and we cant be more happy from the innovations we see and even we deal with every single day, but what is the relationship between what am saying and the title of Being a better example ?

A lot of times I see projects or companies working and create a nice project/product but the problem is that the execution is bad, and trust me I know what does it mean to be bad in executing a good idea, at the end we failed with our nice idea Msrofi (google it if you don’t trust me).

Its really a bad idea to just care that your project/product is only working and doing what it should do, you need to care about the small details which your product/project was built upon, for example you can just take a car made out of papers just because its a car and you can drive it, you need to care that the surface is made out of papers which mean there is no protection for you at all, at anytime the car will stop for any small issue.

When you create a product/project you need to care about the following:

  1. The team
  2. The code
  3. The execution
  4. The final product

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Level up your Laravel skills

Today I will list some of the new books which I have found on the net talking about laravel :

  1. Mastering Laravel (July 2015) : Develop robust modern web-based software applications and RESTful APIs with Laravel, one of the hottest PHP frameworks .
  2. Learning Laravel’s Eloquent (July 2015) : Develop amazing data-based applications with Eloquent, the Laravel framework ORM
  3. Laravel 5 Essentials (April 2015) : Explore the fundamentals of Laravel, one of the most expressive and robust PHP frameworks available .
  4. Laravel 5.1 Beauty (UPDATED JULY 16, 2015) : Leveraging the power of Laravel 5 to create a simple, clean and beautiful blogging application and the administration area required to maintain the blog.

thats all for today, I will try to keep up with what ever I found on the net, and if I got the chance to read any of those I will create a small/fast review about it.

If you know any new released book you can add it to the comments.

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New book : PHP Language Specifications

I have created this book from PHP Language Spec github repo, so basically its not mine, nor I have wrote any word inside of it.

But the main Question, why did I created this book, why i didnt just use the repo, well to be honest am a lazy person, and I found it hard to read books and documentations from github, especially that I set too much behind my screens ( and yes they are old 19″ model )  so the brightness and the resolution is not something I like, but I have to deal with, so I had this idea of why not to convert it to epub, and I though that many people might find it useful, so I just created and put the markup files which they have, and the result was a free book which you can get from leanpub at “PHP Language Specifications

but after I designed the small cover, and created the book I noticed that the markup files need some fixing to work with leanpub, so I will be working on those from time to time based on my free time.

Just wish me luck.

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The awesome lists

In the past few weeks, I got noticed that we got some nice lists on github where they just group list of thing and they call it awesome, listed bellow some lists which you might want to watch:

  1. Awesome Selfhosted : https://github.com/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted
  2. Awesome FOSS Apps : https://github.com/jwaterfaucett/awesome-foss-apps
  3. Awesome IoT-Hybrid : https://github.com/weblancaster/awesome-IoT-hybrid
  4. Awesome Symfony2 : https://github.com/EmanueleMinotto/awesome-symfony2
  5. Awesome Images : https://github.com/heyalexej/awesome-images
  6. Awesome Ionic : https://github.com/Alexintosh/Awesome-Ionic
  7. Awesome Sysadmin : https://github.com/kahun/awesome-sysadmin
  8. Awesome Laravel : https://github.com/chiraggude/awesome-laravel
  9. Awesome PHP  : https://github.com/ziadoz/awesome-php
  10. Awesome (A curated list of awesome lists )  : https://github.com/sindresorhus/awesome
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