My small experince with codeship

NOTE : am not an experienced person when it comes to CI tools, so you need to test codeship and read the documentation before you decide if its a good tools for you or not.

In the past few days I have been trying to work with codeship and test my code, at first everything was nice, the UI is simple the information you need to get you started is there, you just need to grab it and use it. For me the simplicity I found in codeship was amazing.

The whole setup process didnt take more than 5 – 10 min , and my tests start to get green 😀 . After a few more tests I noticed an issue with the memory limit, my tests started to exceed the memory limit which was setup for me by default, so I need to figure out how to change it, and this is where I got so confused.

The documentation has a small info about PHP , they describe which PHP version you can use,  where you can find the php.ini file, how to execute composer commands, my main problem was how can I edit the memory_limit value in the php.ini file , the documentation does not describe that, so I started to read the docs, and noticed something about SSH, I got confused now, do I need to SSH to my virtual machine to edit the file ?? , okay they said I should install Docker to use SSH , and the first thing come to my mind was WHAT!!! , I know this might be simple for other people but why do I need to go through all of this just to edit a small value, do they care more about Docker than normal simple  ..

You might think why I dont just try to connect with them, ask the support for a simple solution, and I did tried to contact them via twitter, they said contact the support via twitter who them asks me to send an email to the support , yes its like Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, they can just says to send email from the first tweet, but nope, any way I did sent an email to the support but sadly I waited for 12h (it was more than 12h), without an answer from them, then I found the solution on github and person was describing another issue, but his code made me realize that I just need to echo my value and add it to the php.ini file.

When I reached codeship via twitter to let them know that poor docs and late support response was not good experience for me, the cofounder reach me and ask me more info about the issue

It was nice from him to do so, but also this got me to think, do they really provide a support to the none-paid accounts ? especially that the contact support link on the website is just a link to the email?,  any way I did respond to the support email I sent (before I get an answer) to let them know that I found the solution, and after 2h from me asking them to ignore my request I got a response ( surprise O_o’ ) .

I really like codeship, and maybe the issue is mine, but I really like to see two small improvements there:

  1. More explanation in the docs about for PHP/nodejs ( I dont need to search google to try to figure how to use the service ).
  2. A better way to followup with the support requests and only depends on the email ( a public link which I can share with my manager could be nice, a form inside the dashboard would also be nice ) , cause I might be using an email other than the one I used to singup with codeship , and it will give the support department more info about the issue ( a hidden fields with the project name/url .. etc can enhance the responds) .


Any way am not saying that codeship is not good, but they really do need to be sure that they will cover all the aspects cause at the end not everyone who signup is a 100% professional in using CI tools, and I hope the next few months will change my mind, no body knows .. and just remember I wrote this just to explain what I faced and hoping that they will try to improve it, not to tell you not to use codeship.


PS : if you find any language mistakes please let me know, as English is not my native language.

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How I setup Vagrant + Homestead on Windows 10

Ok, I will try to make it simple and fast, I might not have all the links right now ready but I will try hard to give as much info as I can.

For the past few month I had tried to setup my windows laptop as a development machine, and trust me I always failed to make it work nicely with Vagrant and Homestead or any Vagrant box for PHP development.

The problem was not the boxes, but in other issues, like the fact that windows does not have real Terminal (yes CMD is not a real terminal), and that it wont come with everything you need, so here is how I did it (cause today was a success story for me) .

Last Friday my lovely wife (Hala) helped me to upgrade my HDD to SSD, and yes I don’t like to play with hardware thats why she did it for me :D, and since I have upgraded my windows to version 10 Pro (thanks for the free upgrade Microsoft), I did a fresh install and it worked like a charm .

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My thoughts on “Docker for Developers” book

In the last few days I started to read a book called Docker for Developers and yesterday I finished it so here is some of the points which I liked/disliked about the book.

Please note that this is just what I have in my mind, and based on your knowledge you may disagree with me, so please don’t judge on the book unless you read it.

I liked that the book was talking about docker in more detailed way than any other book I read which targeted programmers ( or at least PHP programmers ).

The author Chris Tankersley , started with the installation process, and what you will expect if you are not working on linux, and the difference method you will use to install docker on your development OS.

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