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New Chatbot project for fun

In the past few days, I decided to try something new so I started to play with bots and created this nice little guy here. The idea of the project is simple, you ask him about the price of any crypto currency and he will reply back, you can even specify the equivalent currency that […]

What am doing and Why am not blogging that much

Okay, so basically I have few Ideas which I want to work on, some have been already in my head just needed the time, some just got into my head, so for sure I’ll work with what I already have. So far I have got the domains, I do know where am going to host […]

Do we really need all those live streaming services ?

My main question may not be clear, but now a days many companies started to create a live streaming functionality, we have periscope ( from twitter ), Facebook Live, and as I remember youtube has added the ability to live streaming from your mobile. My concerns not about the service or the company which provide such […]

Have a local copy from your Udemy course

Ok, lets make it simple and fast, one of the main issue which I can see in Udemy is that you cant always have the video for the courses which you bought, some will give you the ability to download the course, others will not .. after small search on the internet I found udemy-dl which […]

We should not ship shit

Not sure why but many companies and startups only try to work and ship shit to the cloud. So everyone out there be ready and check this nice video from Uncle Bob Martine about Professionalism in Software and that we should demand that every software developer should care about it.