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New Chatbot project for fun

In the past few days, I decided to try something new so I started to play with bots and created this nice little guy here.

The idea of the project is simple, you ask him about the price of any crypto currency and he will reply back, you can even specify the equivalent currency that you want.

Here is a small video about it.

Let me know what do you think.

Am not going to release it for public yet, first I need to build a good infrastructure for it

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Why and When you leave your job

A few days ago, I read this article “ Why I leave a job ” and it has mentioned a few points that the author find a really important points, and I can’t argue that those points are not important, especially that the Good leaders point, as the end as the link to the article he mentioned titled “Employees leave managers, not companies“.

Am not going to get some quotes from both articles and send you to read them and use them as link beat to get traffics, which some people are doing nowadays even though they have a good reputation in the developers’ world, but am going to talk about what I’ve been seeing around me in the past few years.

Last month we all read the article “We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made.” which was published at FreeCodeCamp account, as the author explained the situations that lead them to fire their talented person, he never at once acknowledge what they have been doing wrong at all, it was the top talented person mistakes. Now if you scroll down, you will read a lot of comments about the topic, and even the author responded to a lot of the comments there. I may not be part of the company or even part of the people involved, but if you read it you will notice how the company and the management were depending on him to deliver, help and solve big problems. Am not sure that I’ll be able to explain my points better than this article “You fired your top talent. I hope you’re happy.“.

Most (not all) of the managers nowadays do not care that much about the developers, or what is going on with the developer, is he in a good situation or not, did we burned him out or not, they all care about one thing and one thing only the company, for them everything else is replaceable. It is a good thing that they care about the company, but they need also to care about the things that keep the company running, The team.

In management, we have studied about the ethics that the managers and the management should follow, and you can read all about that all over the internet, but for me, I started to feel that those are just words we study to pass the exams, then it would be hardly found in the real life, everyone cares about the money, how they can take advantage of everyone else around them, how they can cut the costs.

Maybe it’s just me, but am started to wonder why this is happening, is it because of the entrepreneurs who suddenly wants to be the next Steve Jobs, so he is going to act like him? or because while he was preparing for his startup, he skipped the management courses and thought that anything is acceptable as long as you can get money and keep the company alive? or those are old topics which everyone used to do, but we didnt hear about them before because there was no internet, and everything they have tought us in management is a big lie.

I really wish I can have an answer to my own questions, why and when you leave, but I know that once I stopped enjoying my work I’ll leave with a smile on my face.

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This is why I can’t be a mentor

Not everyone can be a mentor or a teacher, some of us have this naturally, some don’t have it at all, am from those who don’t have it at all.

There are many reasons, why I can’t be a mentor, and why I can’t be a mentor, one of the main reasons is my temper, I can get angry fast, and most of the people will found my hard words as an insult to them as if I don’t appreciate the work they do or even the experience they have, so lets me tell you for example what I can’t understand nor able to work with.

1- If you are going to tell me that you are a developer, let’s say a Mac user who use Mac to develop iOS apps, I can’t accept from you that you don’t know how to use the terminal, or at least you don’t know the most common command line commands.

2- If you told me that you are a Laravel Developer, but you don’t know what is the Collections class, nor how to use or what functionality it has.

3- If you told me that you are a PHP developer, but you can’t setup Vagrant on your computer.

4- If you told me that you are an old Mac user, but you don’t know how to deal with the Terminal, nor how to solve permission denied error.

So yes, at this point, I’ll start to shout and start with the sentence are you a developer?

I can’t help it, if you are a developer, then you should respect this word, and try to be good at it. Most of those who called developers out there have earned this title by working hard on learning so you are not an exception.

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How to claim your Bitcoin cash


Alert! Please be careful and do more research before doing anything. You are doing those steps on own risk.
The fork is now finished, am not going to talk about it, if you need more info please search the internet.

Now for those who are using electrum this is what I have found about how you can claim your Free Bitcoin Cash, and am summarize it:

  1. Export your private keys.
  2. Move your fund to a new wallet.
  3. Wait until the fund is confirmed in the new wallet.
  4. Find a new wallet which supports Bitcoin Cash ( the options is listed here ).
  5. Import your keys.

Mostly this is the process, I didn’t try it so if you are going to do it, be careful and do more research.

If you have any advice you want to share or even an experience you would like to share, am more than happy to hear it, just contact me or comment below.

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There is no shame of asking questions

So, as a programmer do you feel ashamed of asking questions? and let us say that you are new to programming, do you care about that?

The most important thing that I have found over the past few days is that newcomers to programming feel scared of how the community will react to them when you ask a question, a stupid question or even any question. So why we don’t make it simple, why we always laugh on each and every question we got?

Maybe am so lucky to not feel ashamed of asking questions, even if I found out the solution by myself or even I found out that the approach that I have taken was not correct, and sometimes the APPS that am using caused it. And this is something that happened to me in the past two days, I was pulling my hair from not being able to work with Lumen via PUT request, and I was angry talking about it, pinging everyone and even complained about it on twitter, to find out finally that Postman was not sending the correct header. and before anyone jumps and says that I should write tests, that’s what I was doing, I wrote tests and they failed too when I tried $this->pull function that comes with Lumen Test case class, which caused a lot of running around and trying it and even try to debug each and every call I made to the API, and I finally fixed it by creating an ajax call $this->ajax with the type PUT to the same API endpoint.

To find out later that the problem mostly comes from Postman, and for some magical reason, even my tests started to pass.

I even got some funny reactions from some people on the IRC, someone even started to argue with me that Laravel IRC channel is not for Lumen questions and that Lumen codebase is not related to Laravel .. etc, another one didn’t want to help because I didn’t answer his question, why am using Lumen, or I think it was what I was trying to do, even though I have answered his question, trying to use PUT requests to update database record.

Now let us imagine that a new programmer was asking those questions, and everyone mocked him, do you think he will feel confident? and he will keep asking questions and learn? if we got him to think that asking questions is a shame and you should already know the answers. It’s already a hard thing for a new programmer, they already have a hard time following us all, and try to figure out how they can learn new things, as each day we have a new thing. Trust me I do have a problem following up all those new trends.

So let’s make it easier and start to enhance our communication skills, no need to mock someone just because you are better than him, or because you are a core contributor to the project, we are all human. and based on what I know no one was ever born fully educated.


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