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Using Swoole PHP 7.2 Docker image

We all read about Swoole in Laravel-news article, and the results they provided looks nice, this pushed me to create a new Docker image which has PHP 7.2 CLI and Swoole complied with it directly. In this article am going to show you how you can use it with a simple lumen application, and show […]

How to run Kong servers with SystemD

Kong is one of my favourite projects, I do like it and keep pushing my current company and most of who I know to use it. So today I’ll talk about installing version 0.10.x and how to run it automatically via SystemD on Ubuntu 16.04. Let’s talk about installing Kong, basically, we have two steps: First, […]

Renew let’s encrypt SSL via systemd

I’ll assume that you are using Ubuntu 16.04 and nginx on your server, as I’ll talk about installing Certbot and then how to setup the renew process. To install Certbot (the simple way) you need to update your system and run the following commands: After installing Certbot you will need to run the following command which will […]

What am doing and Why am not blogging that much

Okay, so basically I have few Ideas which I want to work on, some have been already in my head just needed the time, some just got into my head, so for sure I’ll work with what I already have. So far I have got the domains, I do know where am going to host […]

The myth about Docker depends_on and links

I have been reading lately (again) a lot of articles which try to explain to the developers how to use Docker for development, now they are all good (in general), each try to make simple and easy for you to move and use docker, and everyone advice you to use depends_on and links (but remember links is a […]

Run your docker images in order

One of the many things that I found annoying in Docker (when you use docker-compose) is that you have no control over the order which the images is going to be up and running, in the documentation they have pointed out to three ways, am not going to cover them all, am just going to […]

How to bind Docker image to specific IP on MAC

PS: this is an experimental idea so it might not work for you. I’ll try to make short here, so basically you will have to pass the IP with the expose port while you execute docker run for example something like Now the question why do I need to do something like that since at the […]

Books I need to finish this month or so

This is just a small list of all the books which I was reading and planing to finish them ASAP, they are hanging and I cant figure out a correct time to finish them so hopefully listing them here will help me do it. Laravel Code Smart ( ) Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe […]

Installing nginx 1.10 with HTTP/2 support

In the past few days nginx stable version has reached the version 1.10 with HTTP/2 support. I have blogged before about how to install nginx on ubuntu 14.4 but using ppa:nginx/stable  channel , sadly the channel was not updated yet to have the latest version, so here is how to install the latest version. 1- […]

Fix “HTTP Error 413 Request entity too large” problem

Yesterday Jeff Madsen has sent a small Laravel tip which address how you can validate the post size for your uploaded data via Laravel middleware called VerifyPostSize. Even though the solution is valid when you have no control over your server, but when you do, you should fix the base of the problem which is your […]