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What am doing and Why am not blogging that much

Okay, so basically I have few Ideas which I want to work on, some have been already in my head just needed the time, some just got into my head, so for sure I’ll work with what I already have.

So far I have got the domains, I do know where am going to host them :cough: Scaleway :cough:, and I already contacted one of the companies and got their permission to use their logo. But now am in the phase where I need to design the website and do all the HTML before I move on to the main part, and to accomplish this am going to start learning Sketchapp, HTML part is not the issue, designing the site & having the nice layout is.

So my first project which am going to work on, is not going to be a startup nor has any business relation, but it will be technical and the plan is to release it for free but with the ability for anyone to donate if they like using bitcoin, and yes am ready to take e-money not regular money, for many reasons I don’t think this post is the one which I’ll talk about it.

Wish me luck everyone, and I hope to see you joining the project once I lunch it.

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The myth about Docker depends_on and links

I have been reading lately (again) a lot of articles which try to explain to the developers how to use Docker for development, now they are all good (in general), each try to make simple and easy for you to move and use docker, and everyone advice you to use depends_on and links (but remember links is a legacy compose item so with Docker 1.13 you should use depends_on ).

both some how works the same, except that depends_on will give you the ability to define the order which your images should start.

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Run your docker images in order

One of the many things that I found annoying in Docker (when you use docker-compose) is that you have no control over the order which the images is going to be up and running, in the documentation they have pointed out to three ways, am not going to cover them all, am just going to cover my experience with dockerize and how I used it to make sure that the database is up and running before I run the next image.

PS: please note that my way is not the best way, but it worked for me, and you should invest more time knowing and familiarize yourself with dockerize.

  1. Make sure that you install dockerize within the image which should be waiting for other images to finish
  2. Make sure that your image does not have any service that run as daemon ( In my case it was NGINX )
  3. Make sure that your entrypoint should look like :
  4. You will need to replace  tcp://database:5432 with the service and the port that you are waiting for, lets say for example tcp://nginx where we need to make sure that nginx is up and running on the default port 80.
  5. You will need to replace kong start with the service that you want to run, in my case it was Kong server

You can look at this github repo where I created a small docker repo to run Kong and Postgresql out of the box

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How to bind Docker image to specific IP on MAC

PS: this is an experimental idea so it might not work for you.

I’ll try to make short here, so basically you will have to pass the IP with the expose port while you execute docker run for example something like

Now the question why do I need to do something like that since at the end docker will be bind to localhost and more specific to , and to be honest this is just a simple try for me to imitate the ability to have two (or more) vagrant boxes running on the same machine and both has the port 80 exposed to the host.

So normally you will only have one image cause you cant have two images on the same port (or at least this is what I have in my mind right now), so the command above will help, now when you try it you will face a small problem, which is that the IP should be the same as your host IP and you cant have both images have the same IP, so it wont work and we have gain nothing, lets talk about how vagrant/virtualbox work, they do a small trick where virtualbox will create a virtual network adapter and configure it to have the IP which you specified in Vagrantfile, so I guess we will have to do the same Creating a new virtual network adapter.

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Books I need to finish this month or so

This is just a small list of all the books which I was reading and planing to finish them ASAP, they are hanging and I cant figure out a correct time to finish them so hopefully listing them here will help me do it.

  1. Laravel Code Smart ( )
  2. Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe ( )
  3. Domain-Driven Design in PHP ( )
  4. Servers for Hackers ( )

I have started reading only the first and the second book ( sadly ), but am planing to finish and go to finish the list by the end of the next month or so ..


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