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How to test and auto deploy your laravel code from Gitlab

Few days ago, I was playing with the new Laravel 5.4 and Gitlab CI, and got to the point where I wanted the CI to test my code once I push it. Using google lead me to this post on Laracasts, and it was the starting point for me, there you can get important files […]

Docker compose wait don’t run it now

One of the main problem you will face when you work with Docker is that you are not 100% sure that the service on the ImageX is ready for you to use it or even for ImageY to communicate with it. For example, lets say that you have the ImageX which run MySQL/MariaDB (or any […]

The myth about Docker depends_on and links

I have been reading lately (again) a lot of articles which try to explain to the developers how to use Docker for development, now they are all good (in general), each try to make simple and easy for you to move and use docker, and everyone advice you to use depends_on and links (but remember links is a […]

What I have learned about Docker in the past few days

In the past few days, I was only reading about Docker, trying to understand it more and more, see how can I use it and how can I implement it in my workflow, and yet still need a lot to learn. In my learning journey I depends on reading articles (a lot of articles), checking […]

Configure your MySQL/Mariadb server to accept local connections

So lets say that you have created a Database server, and you wanted to accept only connections from other servers using the internal/private IP, to be honest I found that the easy way is to do that via iptables, am not going to talk about how to save your iptables as I will assume that you […]

Understanding Docker

Just to be clear, am not an expert nor I use docker in my production or development environment. Since the day I read about docker I found the idea interesting and it has a future, I kept my eyes on the process and how it evolve, I even started to spread the idea between my […]

Installing MySql on Ubuntu 14.04

TBH, installing mysql does not need that much of work, but it will not work if you try to install it on a small VPS ( 512MB) so I will let you know what to do. Creating Swap To be able to use mysql on a small VPS you will need to create a swap […]