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Should we keep working 24/7

In the past few months, and the last year, everyone around me (and most of them from the EU/US) talked about how you should not be working 24/7 and that you should always take a break, have fun and enjoy the life after work. I don’t blame them, I mean it’s not easy to work 24/7, it’s […]

How to run Kong servers with SystemD

Kong is one of my favourite projects, I do like it and keep pushing my current company and most of who I know to use it. So today I’ll talk about installing version 0.10.x and how to run it automatically via SystemD on Ubuntu 16.04. Let’s talk about installing Kong, basically, we have two steps: First, […]

How to claim your Bitcoin cash

  The fork is now finished, am not going to talk about it, if you need more info please search the internet. Now for those who are using electrum this is what I have found about how you can claim your Free Bitcoin Cash, and am summarize it: Export your private keys. Move your fund to […]

Why I choose CLI over web interface

Yesterday I was working on a piece of code which needs to communicate with beanstalkd server, so I spent about an hour or so trying to figure out which framework to use, Lumen, Slim or even Laravel. The code was not that much complicated, just getting some data and passing it to the queue server and […]

What am doing and Why am not blogging that much

Okay, so basically I have few Ideas which I want to work on, some have been already in my head just needed the time, some just got into my head, so for sure I’ll work with what I already have. So far I have got the domains, I do know where am going to host […]

How to test and auto deploy your laravel code from Gitlab

Few days ago, I was playing with the new Laravel 5.4 and Gitlab CI, and got to the point where I wanted the CI to test my code once I push it. Using google lead me to this post on Laracasts, and it was the starting point for me, there you can get important files […]

When to ask for Investments

First of all and before I say anything, I just want to take you in a small trip back in time where we (me and Hala) lunched our start-up Msrofi . At that time everyone thought it was a good idea, but we forget one important things that nice ideas need money. So few years later […]

Share your localhost globally

There are many way to share your localhost environment globally, some works even if you are on Windows mean while the others will only works on certain platform like MacOS or Linux . So I’ll list just few of them with links to the docs, but just be aware that I didnt use most of them, usually I […]

What all Docker online courses have in common

I have been reading and watching many videos and online courses about Docker in the last few months, I watched Cloud Academy courses (even the latest course), Cloud Guru course and many more in the internet and most of them either talk about the basics of Docker, no one talk about docker in deep or as […]