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Moving to static website (soon)

You may have noticed that in the past few months, I barely wrote any new post, and this due to the lake of time, and the amount of new things am trying to learn. This blog depend on WordPress, which I’ve been using since ages (since something like 2006 or before, I cant fully remember, […]

Fixing brew “permission denied” problem

Permission denied Today I was trying to install a tool called mackup, which will help backup/restore your configurations to/from dropbox. As this is the first time for me to use it, I choose the simple way to install it, homebrew, the command was clear and simple But sadly I faced a problem with the permission […]

Docker “best” Practice

Note: Please note that this is just a post to express something within my head, you may agree or don’t agree with it, but this does not make you nor me wrong. We just have our own ideas. Every single post I ever read about “Docker best practice” talked about two main points, having a […]

Using Swoole PHP 7.2 Docker image

We all read about Swoole in Laravel-news article, and the results they provided looks nice, this pushed me to create a new Docker image which has PHP 7.2 CLI and Swoole complied with it directly. In this article am going to show you how you can use it with a simple lumen application, and show […]

Installing PHP7.2 with brew on Mac, The new way

Now that homebrew has fully deprecated the old PHP channel and merged everything within the code, things have changed. Before you were able to install anything using a command like brew install php-<package> but now it won’t work anymore. The new way is simple and easy (not), so follow me: * First, you will need to […]

Two tips to speed up bitbucket pipelines

In the past few days, I was playing around with pipelines to see what can I do with it, and how much can I squeeze it to get as much as I can from the functionality they offer. And I wanted to point out to two main things that you can do to speed up […]

New Chatbot project for fun

In the past few days, I decided to try something new so I started to play with bots and created this nice little guy here. The idea of the project is simple, you ask him about the price of any crypto currency and he will reply back, you can even specify the equivalent currency that […]

Running Laravel Dusk tests on Bitbucket, the easy way

So today I was trying to run and see if I can manage to get Laravel dusk to run on Bitbucket pipelines, and after too many tests, I was able to do so \(^ ^)/. In this post I’ll explain the minimum requirements you need to do that, to make things simple, I created a […]

[snippet] Running Traefik with Docker Swarm

The other day, I wanted to try using Traefik in real world scenario where I’ll have a docker instance running and Traefik will do the routing/proxying based on the domain name that I will provide, sadly this was not so easy, so after few hours of searching I found the solution. You may ask, why it didnt […]

2018 Plan, and more I guess

So now its nearly 2018 and still, we are still alive but as people say we are standing on a new phase where WW3 might come at any time. And since I do like to plan ahead for each step, I thought that I should put some plans for 2018, the list may change over […]