About Me

I think you are trying to know who am I, and what do I do.

Am not that good at introducing myself, but I will try to make it short.

Name / Age / Nationality : Mhd Zaher Ghaibeh / 35 / Syrian.

Education: I have a degree in Computing and Business Application from Edexcel UK, and a Bachelor degree in Information Technology from the Syrian Virtual University.

Work: Right now am working as a freelance backend developer.


  1. Worked as a lead developer in a UK based company called Tipsy and Tumbler.
  2. Worked as a lead developer then as a technical lead in a US based company called Klassapp, which specialises in creating a student/college communication mobile app.

Experience : I have a good experience in building Web Solutions using PHP & MySQL, for the past few years I started to play with Laravel 4 and I liked it, so it’s now the main framework which I use, also I like to play too much with Linux servers even if it’s not my main interest.

Publications: I wrote a small book called Building Web Applications Using Parse REST API, and reviewed PacktPub book about Laravel.

Right now am living in Istanbul Turkey with my lovely wife.

Those are the most recent information about me if you want to read full details about my work experience you can check either my Linkedin profile or my Careers profile.

Latest Courses:

1- Introduction to Software Product Management.

2- Software Processes and Agile Practices.

IELTS Score: average all 7.