The awesome lists

In the past few weeks, I got noticed that we got some nice lists on github where they just group list of thing and they call it awesome, listed bellow some lists which you might want to watch:

  1. Awesome Selfhosted :
  2. Awesome FOSS Apps :
  3. Awesome IoT-Hybrid :
  4. Awesome Symfony2 :
  5. Awesome Images :
  6. Awesome Ionic :
  7. Awesome Sysadmin :
  8. Awesome Laravel :
  9. Awesome PHP  :
  10. Awesome (A curated list of awesome lists )  :

Why am lazy, with no open source contributions any more

I was going to write a long long post, but I found that listing my issues will be just small one with few words, just listing why am not contributing nor producing any opensource projects.

  1. Am afraid of being judged : that my code is not good.
  2. Am afraid that my code will not follow the standards.
  3. I will not solve any problems, nor provide any benefits.
  4. Am wasting my time reading/learning stuff but not creating stuff.

so those are the most 4 important reasons for my problem, and why I feel lost in this mess.

Understanding Docker

Just to be clear, am not an expert nor I use docker in my production or development environment.
Since the day I read about docker I found the idea interesting and it has a future, I kept my eyes on the process and how it evolve, I even started to spread the idea between my friends who works as sysadmin.

For the last few months I started to read more about it, but still couldn’t find a full resources about how to fully use it within my workflow, and at the end am just a developer who is interested in docker, thats all.

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Small stories about 5 Syrians out there

This is the stories of 5 Syrian’s who left Syria and started again , its called Rebuilding lives — and livelihoods — after war featuring :

  • Dina Saadi  : Artist and Designer
  • Mohanad Ghashim : IT Professional
  • Mhd Zaher Ghaibeh : 😀
  • Hadil Abu Zahra : Banker
  • Fouad Mohamad Foud : A general surgeon

Today, displaced Syrians are rebuilding their lives and establishing themselves professionally, financially and artistically throughout the region. Click on the arrow above to see their stories.

I really advice you all to read it.

Free iOS 9 Course

Today I just got an email from telling me about the new iOS 9 course they have, and the nice thing is that this is a free course.

We’ve spent the past 6 months creating a new bitfountain that better serves our students. Two years of teaching iOS courses has taught us a ton about how our students learn and what they need to progress so they can build their own apps, get jobs, and start companies. There are four points you need to know for the future of bitfountain:

  • A focus only on iOS.
  • Advanced content that will help you progress even when you are already a developer.
  • Free iOS Foundation course and a subscription model for advanced content.
  • Totally re-coded platform that allows us to customize the learning experience for our students.

You are probably already overwhelmed with all the new information and likely have a bunch of questions. I’ll try to preemptively answer a few of them here. Feel free to email me if I haven’t answered your questions.

I think it would be nice if you cover your summer with a new thing to learn.

How to use Deployment keys

In general Deployment keys is used to give a read only access to your git repository, which I think its the best options which you should use on your Production Server, at the end you don’t need to change anything on your production server, nor you want any changes to reflect or appear on your master branch.

Creating SSH key on Production Server:

You will have to create SSH key for your server which you will use to give access to your repository.

after you finish generating the key you will find it the Private and the Public keys with in the ~/.ssh directory.

we need to copy the content of the Public key to use it on our git hosting provider.

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Good books to read as a PHP Programmer

Here is a list of a good books which I encourage you to read:

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لماذا نأخذ عاداتنا السيئة معنا

من الامور المزعجة التي شاهدتها بين معظم العرب اننا نأخذ عاداتنا السيئة معنا اينما ذهبنا، و لا نبالي بعادات البلاد التي نعيش فيها، و هذا الامر للاسف اثر كثيرا على المجتمعات التي بدأت تعج بالعرب ، فمثلا موضوع استخدام الصوت العالي عند المشي في الشوارع ليلا ؟
لم اكن احب هذا الامر عندما كنت في الشام ، و الآن مثلا و الساعة قاربت الثانية صباحا و انا اسمع صهيل ضحك البنات العرب للاسف في الشارع اسفل منزلي ، و بينما لا اكاد اسمع صوت الاتراك ، هؤلاء البنات جالسين على كرسي الاستراحة متناسين الساعة و يتمازحن بين بعضهم بصوت من المؤكد انه سيدوي و خاصة بهذه الساعة من الليل في مجتمع اعتاد على النوم الساعة العاشرة تقريبا.

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Installing MySql on Ubuntu 14.04

TBH, installing mysql does not need that much of work, but it will not work if you try to install it on a small VPS ( 512MB) so I will let you know what to do.

Creating Swap

To be able to use mysql on a small VPS you will need to create a swap for it, you are free to use the following script, which I have created.

Its not 100% perfect, but it worked

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Installing nginx (latest version) on Ubuntu 14.04

TBH installing it is simple, you have just need to :

  1. Adding the PPA for nginx in your Ubuntu system
  2. Install nginx

And thats it, now all you need is to configure the default site on nginx.

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