Books I need to finish this month or so

This is just a small list of all the books which I was reading and planing to finish them ASAP, they are hanging and I cant figure out a correct time to finish them so hopefully listing them here will help me do it.

  1. Laravel Code Smart ( )
  2. Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe ( )
  3. Domain-Driven Design in PHP ( )
  4. Servers for Hackers ( )

I have started reading only the first and the second book ( sadly ), but am planing to finish and go to finish the list by the end of the next month or so ..


Have a local copy from your Udemy course

Ok, lets make it simple and fast, one of the main issue which I can see in Udemy is that you cant always have the video for the courses which you bought, some will give you the ability to download the course, others will not ..

after small search on the internet I found udemy-dl which is a tool built using python and will download the videos automatically so you can watch them offline, so how to use it and where we can get it ?

to get it you can click here, and check the source, of if you are on mac/linux you can install it via pip  like the following

pip install udemy-dl

you can upgrade it using the following command :

pip install --upgrade udemy-dl

to download a course you can just execute the command :


then it will as you for your username/password and start to download .

PS: change the COURSE-NAME with your course name which you can get from the URL like :


and thats it.

Happy learning.

[Arabic Video] Bitcoin, News about Google I/O

Install Rethinkdb and Tunnel to Dashboard

Installing nginx 1.10 with HTTP/2 support

In the past few days nginx stable version has reached the version 1.10 with HTTP/2 support.

I have blogged before about how to install nginx on ubuntu 14.4 but using ppa:nginx/stable  channel , sadly the channel was not updated yet to have the latest version, so here is how to install the latest version.

1- If you have nginx installed before using ppa:nginx/stable you should uninstall it using the command

this will remove nginx but will keep the configuration files

2- You should add the official apt repo to sources.list file or you can add it to sources.list.d directory like this

Add the following line

save the file and exit.

3- We should download the key for nginx

4- we should import the key

5- [Optional] : delete the key

6- update and install nginx

7- Enable HTTP/2 : just a small note before you enable HTTP/2 support, that it will not work under normal port 80 as its only supported over SSL , so in your Server block you should add the following :

and remember to restart your nginx.

PS: as usual, since english is not my mother language, you might find some errors, so if you do let me know and I will be happy to fix it.

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