Moving to static website (soon)

You may have noticed that in the past few months, I barely wrote any new post, and this due to the lake of time, and the amount of new things am trying to learn.

This blog depend on WordPress, which I’ve been using since ages (since something like 2006 or before, I cant fully remember, but I remember it was after I moved away from blogger platform), and I can’t complain, the platform worked well for me, I never got any problem nor I got hacked, even when my password was admin. And the new features are nice and working fine.

Now things has changed, and I think am more towards using static site generators like Jigsaw, as its simple to setup and easy to use.

The move will provide some gain to the site, as it will provide a speed in loading, even without using CDN, at the end you are opening a static page not auto-generated one, and yes I know you can cache the requested pages .. etc, but I need to free my mind from thinking about it. Also you will get a simpler structure, since am not good at designing, I’ll try my best to make the design as simple as I can, at the end am going to show my code and ideas not my designs 🤣 .

But this will come with cost, as I’ll have to disable the comment section, and keep the posts without any way to discuss, but my email will always open for anyone who has anything to discuss.

Not sure when I’ll finish from this move, as I’ll have to also clean up the exported data from WordPress to make it MarkDown friendly, and make sure that the code blocks and images wont disappear  suddenly from the posts, and lastly I need to make sure that the URLs will match the old one so I don’t loose google indexing.

That’s all for now, wish me luck.

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