Share your localhost globally

There are many way to share your localhost environment globally, some works even if you are on Windows mean while the others will only works on certain platform like MacOS or Linux . So I’ll list just few of them with links to the docs, but just be aware that I didnt use most of them, usually I spin a server and share it.

Vagrant Share (free) : Vagrant Share allows you to share your Vagrant environment with anyone in the world, enabling collaboration directly in your Vagrant environment in almost any network environment with just a single command: vagrant share. Vagrant Share will work with Windows, Linux and Mac.

Ngrok (freemium) : Secure tunnels to localhost. Ngrok will only work also with Windows, Linux and Mac.

Finch (freemium) : Finch allows you to easily share your local development website on a secure public URL accessible anywhere in the world. It’s really useful for sharing with your team, sharing with clients, testing on mobile devices and testing webhooks. Finsh works only on Mac.

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