Books I need to finish this month or so

This is just a small list of all the books which I was reading and planing to finish them ASAP, they are hanging and I cant figure out a correct time to finish them so hopefully listing them here will help me do it.

  1. Laravel Code Smart ( )
  2. Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe ( )
  3. Domain-Driven Design in PHP ( )
  4. Servers for Hackers ( ) [finished the old one, need to read the new release 🙁 ]

I have started reading only the first and the second book ( sadly ), but am planing to finish and go to finish the list by the end of the next month or so ..



  • Hey Zaher, check also the book by Matt Stauffer – Laravel up and running. I also read some chapters from code smart. Thanks for sharing

    • Zaher says:

      I did read it, but some how I felt like am reading the documentation of laravel not a book about laravel to be honest. maybe its just me. and I do regret buying code smart, as the author sadly just stopped publishing any new updates since last year which makes it bad thing especially that the book is not finished yet.

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