How to create rethinkdb cluster

To be honest, its really simple and does not need that much work.

1- Create 3 ubuntu 14.04 servers on DigitalOcean [affiliated link] or your favorite VPS provider.

2- Install rethinkdb on all of them using the following commands:

3- Prepare all of your instance to run on startup.

4- Edit the second and the third server and point tell them to Join the first server

Search for the join line and edit it to be like

remember to replace with the IP address for your first server.

If the 3 servers on the same datacenter, you can use the internal ip not the external one.

5- Also while you are editing that file remember to disable the http admin for both the second and the third server

6- Edit the first server so that it will listen to the outside connections, so just change the bind value to all

7- Now restart the 3 servers, and point your browser to http://server-one-ip-address:8080 to access the admin interface